Networking & Hardware Support
Getting every device on your home or office network to communicate and work together can be challenging. CTMtech can install, configure and troubleshoot your Windows based network and devices including: DSL, cable and fiber-optic internet setup, router and wireless router setup and troubleshooting, network printer configuration, smartphone setup to wireless networks, wireless network storage, streaming home media servers and more. CTMtech can also install and configure all of your hardware peripherals including external hard drives, printers, dual monitors, LCD televisions, RAID storage units and more.
Home & Office Networking: CTMtech can install your network devices, configure your wired and wireless devices and ensure your network is secure. CTMtech can design and deploy a network solution for home computers, small offices and home theater servers. Services include router installation, wireless configuration, internal static IP address setup, network analyzation and troubleshooting. Learn More

Hardware Setup & Configuration: CTMtech can setup and configure all of your hardware peripherals including: external and internal hard drives, network cards, upgraded USB 3.0 cards, media card readers, network storage devices, laser and ink-jet printers, RAID array boxes, sound cards, home theater devices including Google TV and more. Learn More

Home & Office Backup Solutions: Data continuity and backup are critical aspects to any business. CTMtech can recommend a backup solution that includes on-site physical redundant drives partnered with Acronis backup software, and configured to all be backed up to hosted, cloud based backup storage. Protect your operating system files, work files, and access all of your files from anywhere through our web based backup portal. Learn More

All payments are due at completion of services performed.