Custom Essentials Desktop Computers

Custom Essentials by CTMtech are custom desktop computers designed for home, office and workstation use. Every computer is tailored to your needs, and offers 15-25% savings over retail prices. Contact us at or 1-888-842-9829 to schedule a consultation.

Shipping, Build Process and Delivery

All of our computers are custom assembeled at our shop located at 33a Bull Street in Newport, RI. When a Custom Essentials desktop computer is ordered through, a technician will contact you to review your order and confirm all parts. Upon confirmation of your order, all necessary parts will be ordered and sent to our shop to be assembeled.

Upon arrival of all computer parts, we will inspect and test all equipment prior to final assembly. Upon final assembly, our technicians will complete a 22-point diagnostic test to ensure all hardware and software is functioning correctly. Most builds take no more than two business weeks to complete.

Upon final testing and benchmarking, your computer will be ready to be picked up or
delivered locally, or shipped via UPS to your home or office. All Custom Essentials
computers come with a comprehensive six month warranty covering all physical parts,
and one week of technical phone support.
Four Levels to Choose From

Custom Essentials offers four levels to choose from when deciding
what computer is right for you:

Our CE1000 package offers extreme value and quality. Based on an AMD processor and ASUS motherboard, it's a good budget PC with 4GBs of RAM.

Our CE2500 package is a step up to 8GBs of RAM, a 1GB Raedon video card, additional 500GBs hard drive space, and a more powerful 450 watt power supply.

The CE PRO5000 package steps up to an Intel Core i5 processor, a large mid-tower case, SATA 6.0, 12GBs of DDR3 RAM, a 90GB Solid State Drive, a 1GB nVidia video card and a 650 watt power supply.

The CE PRO7000 package is our top of the line desktop computer, and offers the blazing fast Intel Core i7 processor over-clocked to 4.5GHz, 16GBs of DDR3 RAM, an ASUS motherboard, Vertex OCZ 3 120GB SSD, a 1GB nVidia video card, SATA 6.0, a 700 watt power supply and a huge full-tower, 11 bay case.