Computer Repair Services
CTMtech offers computer diagnostic and hardware/software repair services for Windows based desktop and laptop computers. Our 22-point diagnostic service examines for common computer issues including Windows operating system integrity, driver conflicts, registry errors, hardware misconfiguration and outdated software & hardware. Our technicians can recover, repair and reinstall the operating system on any Windows based computer.

Contact us now to schedule an appointment for computer repair services:, submit a support ticket at, or call toll free at 1.888.842.9829.
General Repairs: Is your Windows based computer not working right? We can diagnose and repair slow startup times, crashing programs, Windows memory dumps (the infamous BSOD or "Blue Screen of Death"), hardware issues, driver problems and other common issues. Our technicians can attempt to repair any Windows OS, registry, driver or software configuration issues and restore your system through software fixes on location.

Data Recovery: If your operating system or hardware is beyond software repair, we can bring your CPU to our shop and attempt to recover all your critical data and reinstall your operating system on your existing hard drive, or in the event of drive failure, a new hard drive. Your data will be restored and copied over to your new operating system or hard drive.
Shop Rates: $35/hour

Home Rates: $45/hour

Diagnostic Fee: $30 (if no work is performed)

Average Data Recovery & Windows OS Reinstall: $150

Optimization & Upgrades: CTMtech will analyze your current hardware & software setup and make recommendations to improve your computer's performance. From motherboard and RAM upgrades to operating system reinstalls, CTMtech can improve the performance of any computer.

All payments are due at completion of services performed.